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Ending World Hunger One Family At A Time

We’ve all seen the pictures of starving children, the bloated bellies and limbs too weak to move, eyes unable to focus. Hunger is real, and it kills. According to UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children report 2002 "in developing countries 91 children out of every 1000 die before their fifth birthday.

Site Map Our Goal at HUNGER GROW AWAY is to "End World Hunger One Family At A Time" by providing "Food Security" with a unique growing system that rapidly produces food for continuous harvest.  This system is the CelluGro Abundant Harvest Garden. This system is desirable because of its Micro Design it can be used in many areas and for different people such as the urban poor, senior citizens, refugee camps and orphans.  It can be used in extreme environments because little water is required.

This system can provide an ongoing food supply rather than a day or week of emergency food relief. It can serve as a kitchen garden, rooftop garden or as a micro-nursery for food production and income.

The Hunger Grow Away Organization is a Non-Profit Organization, that uses 100% of all contributions to purchase the Cellugro Abundant Harvest Gardens.  We at Hunger Grow Away are looking to obtain grants and contributions so that we can provide CelluGro Abundant Harvest Gardens to world organizations that provide hunger relief.

Hunger Grow Away is also dedicated to doing the research, spreading the information and promoting such crops as moringa, sweet potatoes, marama beans, Okinawa spinach, katook and some of the other vegetables being tested at ECHO in Ft Myers, FL.


The Cellugro Abundant Harvest Garden System

Each plant has its own cell environment to

Enable growingfromseeds,seedlings,cuttings, 
   or small plants

Permits individual cell harvesting at different
   times of the season

Drain board system prevents moisture

Grows a variety of plants side by side

Requires very less water, plants maintain
   moisture longer

Can be used in a small area



The CelluGro Abundant Harvest Garden Components


Partially Assembled






Fully Assembled


Single Unit

Nursery Unit

Below are results of the CelluGRO™ Abundant Harvest Garden:



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